Scenes of celebration following today’s rulings on Prop. 8, DOMA

The Supreme Court handed two major victories to the gay marriage movement this morning, ruling a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, and effectively ending Proposition 8 in California.

You can read the full opinions of the court here, or just keep looking at the joy over the rulings captured above.

Photos: Charles Dharapak, Eric Risberg / Associated Press, Win McNamee, Justin Sullivan, Mark Wilson / Getty Images, Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA, Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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If you had to choose between world peace or going to Hogwarts what house would you choose?

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We’ve seen a greater explosion of everything we love in the digital age than ever before. I really mean this pertains to every sector of society. For example, I’m a fanatic for very strange music that very few people really care about—mostly 8th through 16th century European chant music. I can have all of that that I want, right now, at the touch of a button! It’s unbelievable! This generation hears more of this music than anybody ever did in the 15th century! It is like universalized. And everything has been universalized. The information has been totally liberated in the digital age, and that’s what you want.

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Memories are reconstructive and do not work like a tape recorder.



how people use to imagine the future:


how people now imagine the future:


this actually says so much about society

holy shit

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